SIG Researchers Forum Registration


The KENET Special Interest Group (SIG) Researchers Forum will be held from Thursday, 9th May to Friday, 10th May 2024. The SIGs are in the areas of Engineering, Computer Science and Information Systems (CSIS), Computational Modelling and Material Science (CMMS) and Educational Technologies (Edtech).

The attendance is limited to the Principal Investigator/Lead researcher and one member from the team.

Forum Logistics

KENET will cater for accommodation on half board (dinner, bed and breakfast) for participants who are more than 30KMs from the forum venue.

  1. Intended dates of Arrival for participants who will require accommodation 08/05/2024 (Note: Participants to arrive at the hotel as from 4.00PM)
  2. Intended dates of Departure 10/05/2024
  3. Accommodation dates will be from 8th to 9th April 2024
  4. The venue is Sarova Stanley


KENET will NOT cater for the following:

  1. Transport to and from the forum.
  2. Per Diem
SIG Researchers Forum Registration
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